The Yoga Pose That Everyone Can and Should Do

Some yoga poses can be a struggle for even the most advanced yogi, but this yoga pose is not one of them. 

The Yoga Pose That Everyone Can and Should Do


Do you remember as a child enjoying lying down on your back with your legs resting up on the wall above you? There may have been some grumbling from your parents when they came across your dirty footprints on the wall, but here’s why you should keep doing this easy “legs up on the wall” yoga pose. 



It’s great for your health! 


It’s a relaxing yoga pose that helps to lower stress and anxiety. It helps to increase circulation and relieves tension and fatigue from the legs, feet and hips. It stretches out the hamstrings and the back. 


It does more than just stretching out muscles and releasing tension though. The feet-up-on-the-wall pose also aids digestion and sleep, and has been claimed to help people suffering from varicose veins and restless leg syndrome. 


The best way to execute this pose is to do the following: 

  • Set up a comfortable space near a blank piece of wall (a yoga mat or towel will help to make you more comfortable if you will be lying on a hard floor) 
  • Lie down on your back and move your hips closer to the wall, bringing your legs up so that they are vertically above the hips 
  • Place an arm on either side of you to keep your balance as you try to relax every part of your body without letting your legs slip 
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth 
  • Stay in the position for 10-15 minutes