The Amazing Student Apps That You Ought To Know About

Some of these you may already have come across, some you may not, but they’re all apps that will help make being a student easier.

Girl with brown hair smiling and on her phone

We Buy Books

When you’re done with your old textbooks, simply scan the barcode on the book and review your offer. Then you just send it in the post for free. No additional fees and an easy way to get back some of the money you spent. (They also buy CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and Games.)

Easy Bib

Easy Bib is another barcode scanning app, but this one lets you automatically create citations for your essay bibliographies. There are several formats to choose from, and it makes that tedious job of referencing so much easier!


This app is great if you often bulk-buy food and household essentials with your flatmates. It makes it easy to split shopping and utility bills among several people, and can also come in very useful if you’re going for a group meal and need to split the bill!

My Study Life

This one is a treasure for anyone who is trying to juggle part-time work around lectures and socialising and revision and who knows what else! The app makes it easy to combine your work schedule, coursework deadlines, revision plan, and social life into an easy to follow timetable.


Set how long you want to work, plant a tree, and let it grow. If you check your phone before the set-time is up, then you kill the tree. It sounds simple and it is, but despite this it’s surprisingly effective at keeping you focused!