Getting Married Before The Wedding – A Rising Trend

Marriage isn’t for everyone. At one time it used to be the case that you’d be shunned by polite society if you lived together before marriage, but now that’s no longer the way it is, some people are choosing not to get married.

Getting Married Before The Wedding – A Rising Trend

Some people don’t see the need for it. Some people don’t feel they can afford it. Some people don’t want the fuss of it. Having said that, some people are even getting married before the wedding, and it’s a trend that seems to be growing in popularity.


But why do it?


Well, for one thing, it could help to reduce the stress of the big day. For some, having already had the official legal ceremony, the wedding day is then more of a party and a fun celebration. The little details suddenly don’t all have to be perfect.


It can also help to keep budgets in perspective. If the wedding is a celebration done at a later date, it can shift your perspective on the cost front. You’re less likely to spend tens-of-thousands of pounds if you think of the wedding as a party.


For some, it may be a necessity rather than an active choice. If one half of the partnership has a visa which is set to expire in a few weeks, spending months planning a big wedding may not be an option.


But, perhaps most importantly, some couples choose to marry and then have the big wedding day later because then the ceremony itself will be all about them. An intimate ceremony (perhaps with only the closest family) means that you can fully focus on each other rather than rushing around getting photos taken and entertaining guests.


It’s not the norm, but it’s definitely an option which works for some couples.