How to Have A Wardrobe Revamp…Without Breaking The Bank!

If you’ve found yourself in a bit of a fashion rut and you want to change things up a bit, you don’t need to go out and splash the cash to get a style makeover. Instead, try putting a few of these tips into action and you’ll soon find yourself feeling fashion refreshed.

How to Have A Wardrobe Revamp…Without Breaking The Bank!


Ban your favourites

This might sound a bit strange, but one reason why we can find ourselves in a style rut is that we wear the same few things over and over again. It’s not that there aren’t other clothes in our wardrobe that we could wear, it’s just that, given the choice, we can tend to wear our trusty favourite jeans and shirt as a default. By banning yourself from wearing your go-to, fail-safe favourites for a few weeks, you’ll re-discover some of the other gems in your wardrobe that may have been forgotten.


Out of season, out of sight

When the weather changes, so does your wardrobe. Move the clothes that you know you won’t be wearing over the next few months (you’re unlikely to be wearing a strappy sundress as Christmas approaches…) to storage bags under your bed or in the top of your wardrobe so that you have more space to see what weather-appropriate clothes you have to choose from. Sometimes clothes don’t get worn simply because we don’t see them due to an overly-full, all-season wardrobe.


Reorganise your wardrobe

At the same time as you’re moving your summer clothes into storage and bringing your winter clothes out of hibernation, take the opportunity to reorganise your wardrobe. Not only will grouping items by colour and type (i.e. all skirts together, all coats together etc etc) help you when it comes to putting an outfit together, reorganising your wardrobe will also remind you of pieces which you may have forgotten you have.


Revamp with a friend

Ask a close friend who you trust and whose style you admire to pick some outfits for you out of the clothes you already have. Put on and take some photos of the outfits they come up with (this is a great opportunity to indulge in a fun tongue-in-cheek fashion shoot too) and refer back to the photos when you’re feeling all out of fashion inspiration. Your friend will probably come up with clothing combinations which you wouldn’t have chosen, but which you may well end up really loving!