Month: May 2019

Tattoo or not to tattoo

To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo?

They’ve been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, and applied to a huge number of different people for different reasons. For some a tattoo is purely a form of decoration, for others, it can be a tribute to a person or event in their past, but whatever the reason for the tattoo, you want […]


The Skills You Need to Get Through Uni

The Skills You Need To Get You Through Uni

Regardless of what course it is you’re taking, there are some skills which are universally needed to get you through your time at university. If you can develop these skills then, whether or not you’ve remembered to buy the right course books and done all of the extra-reading, you should be well on the way […]


Skin-Aging Habits to Avoid

Skin-Ageing Habits To Avoid

The “always take your makeup off before bed” and “never forget to put on sunscreen when it’s sunny” rules may be well known when it comes to skincare tips, but there are a few less obvious skin-ageing habits which lots of us do, and shouldn’t. […]