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Online games for children

It’s a fact of life that children are exposed to technology at an early age these days. But it’s not always a bad thing – there are lots of safe sites where children can play stimulating and educational online games.     Boomerang Home to many favourite children’s cartoons, the Boomerang website offers lots of […]


Five great quiz websites for kids

If you’re looking for an inside activity to entertain your little ones, why not check out some of these websites with great online quizzes for kids?     National Geographic This website is aimed at kids of all ages and offers an abundance of quizzes on a really broad range of subjects. Your little ones […]


Is Kiddle Really a Kid-friendly Search Engine?

A collective parental sigh of relief was breathed earlier this month with the launch of a new kid-friendly search engine – Kiddle. Designed to look much like big daddy Google (only cuter); mums and dads predictably expect Kiddle to function just as well as the grown-up version, too – with extensive, yet safe, browsing capability. […]