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Tips to help cope with Caesarean recovery

Whilst a very common procedure, having a Caesarean can still put tremendous strain on your body and recovery isn’t always discussed openly and honestly. It is, after all, a major surgery that happens right in the middle of one of the most emotional experiences of your life. Here are some tips on how to help […]


Things they never tell you about being a new mum

Being a new mum can be a really daunting time, especially with lots of unknowns in front of you. Here are some things you may not know about, to help you feel a little more prepared when the time comes.     It’s an emotional time Your emotions will be all over the place.  This […]


5 Things NOT to Do During Labour

So here’s the truth: having a baby hurts. For some, it hurts less than they expected; for others, the sensation of labour can be a seismic shockwave of pain. But for all that, there are ways to harness your physiological—and psychological—response to the process. Here are 5 things not to do on the big day—that […]