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5 Signs Your Baby is Overstimulated

Plenty babies fight sleep–and it can often seem as if they’d happily go on playing and socialising for hours without a break…that is, until, they suddenly go from zero to meltdown. Fact is, little ones are very easy overstimulated (the world is SO exciting, Mum!); no matter how vague their methods of communication may be–or your ability to pick up on their cues.

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Here’s How Much Sleep Your Child Actually Needs

Sleep is essential for healthy development – it’s also key in keeping kids from morphing into short-tempered mini tyrants. So; while getting a good night’s rest is mostly a dream for mums and dads – and simply par for the parenting course, we still need to prioritise the length of time our little ones should be spending in lalaland. Check out this handy guide on how many hours of sleep your child needs per day.

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