Baby Summer Clothes: How To Keep Your Little One Cool

Baby summer clothes can be confusing for new parents. There will be so many different styles, colours and items of clothing available, and some of it will come down to personal choice. However, here are some tips to help you choose baby summer clothes that will keep your little one cool in the heat.


Baby summer clothes


Day Time Clothing

During the day, you should use your own clothing as a guide. If you feel warm and sticky, your little one probably will do as well. Always think light layers for your baby, so you can adjust the clothing depending on the temperature around you. Remember that your little one shouldn’t be exposed to the sun, so when going outside adjust their clothing appropriately to keep them covered and protected.


Another important thing to remember about baby summer clothes is that the materials will make a huge difference. Light, breathable materials like cotton are a must for hot weather. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your baby’s summer clothes are loose fitting, and not tight.


At home, in very hot weather, you might even want to let your little one hang out in only a nappy. As long as you make sure that they aren’t exposed to the sun, and that they don’t get too cold, there shouldn’t be a problem with spending an hour or two clothing free to keep cool.


If you’re going to take your little one out in the pram, you may want to give the blanket a miss, and use a shade canopy.


Night Time Clothing

Baby summer clothes might need to change slightly for night time. On very warm nights, you may want to put your baby down to bed in their nappy, and maybe a bodysuit. Again, breathable materials will be key to helping keep your little one cool during the night.


If you use blankets for bedtime, make sure that they’re made from natural, breathable materials, and keep them light, and thin. If you use a baby sleeping bag, again look for natural materials that are breathable, and keep it light.