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PTSD After Pregnancy: What Is It And How To Seek Help

Many people assume that if a mother and baby are healthy, then all is well. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Many women have traumatic pregnancy and birth experiences, which can influence their mental health. In fact, research shows that around 4-5% of women who give birth develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It could be […]



Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week: Looking After Your Wellbeing And Accessing Support

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from May 1st to May 7th. It’s a weeklong campaign of awareness and conversation around the mental health problems women can experience before, during and after pregnancy. Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week helps to raise awareness and advocate for women affected by the issues, as well as helping […]


Delayed Postpartum Depression

Delayed Postpartum Depression: What You Need To Know

Delayed postpartum depression may not have been something you’ve heard of, but it can have a massive impact on someone’s life. You’ve probably heard of postpartum, or postnatal depression. You’ve almost certainly heard the term ‘the baby blues’, but some of us assume that this can only occur shortly after giving birth. This is not […]