Tiny Baby Clothes: How To Recycle And Reuse Outgrown Clothes

Tiny baby clothes don’t last very long, as your little one will outgrow them faster than you might think. You’ll end up with more clothes than your little one can possibly wear, and very few of them will actually fit. Many people wonder what they can do with all the tiny baby clothes they end up with. We’ve put together a quick list of ideas.


tiny baby clothes


Make A Memory Box


Memory boxes are a wonderful way to preserve the memories of your little one’s early years. You can pass it onto them when they’re adults, as a gift for a milestone birthday. Think about the baby clothes that mark special occasions in your little one’s life. Perhaps you would like to keep the outfit you brought your baby home in, or maybe you’d like to keep the outfit they wore when meeting family for the first time. There are companies that can treat and preserve the clothes, safe for storage for years to come.


Donate Some Tiny Baby Clothes


Donating baby clothes can be very helpful for new parents, and there are a number of ways to donate. There may be charity shops, or second-hand shops in your local area that take donations and would be grateful for your tiny baby clothes. There may also be charities that work directly with new parents in your area, to give donations straight to those in need. You might also want to check if your local hospital takes clothing donations.


Pass Tiny Baby Clothes Down


You might want to put some of your little one’s tiny baby clothes away if you’re thinking about having another baby. If you’re not thinking about another little one, you might want to pass some of your baby’s clothes onto friends or family members.


Sell The Tiny Baby Clothes


Tiny baby clothes that are in good condition might be able to be sold. You might want to think about sorting the clothes into bundles by age and selling the bundles. Second-hand clothes can be sold on sites like eBay, or even on Facebook marketplace.




Approximately 80% of clothing can be recycled and turned into new clothes. Most areas have a facility or company who collect old clothes and take them away for recycling. Recycling tiny baby clothes is much better for the environment than binning them.


Cleaning Cloths


Some of your little one’s baby clothes might not be in great condition for reusing, but they could still be used as cleaning cloths. Some clothes may be perfect for cleaning with a cleaning fluid, while others might be softer, and could be better suited for dusting. You should cut off any poppers or buttons before using the cloth.


Create Something


You can use your baby clothes to create a whole new item. There are thousands of DIY ideas online to turn a onesie or babygrow into something completely new. You could take squares from some items and turn them into a patchwork quilt, including things like your little one’s first Halloween outfit, first Christmas outfit, and other clothes worn on special occasions. You could also use some of the tiny old baby clothes and turn them into headbands, hats, or a stuffed animal. You could find a pattern online and use some of the buttons for eyes and noses.