Paper Flower Crowns: How To Make Your Own

Paper flower crowns are a great springtime craft to make! Get inspired by your favourite flowers and plants, follow these steps. All ages can have fun decorating crowns together, so why not join in! Don’t forget to share snaps of your creations with us on social media.

Paper Flower Crown - Cover




Get all your materials together
You will need:
• Coloured Paper
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Glue Stick
• Measuring Tape
• Glitter (optional)

Don’t be afraid to get out your felt tip pens and paints so you can customize your crown in whatever way you like!

Paper Flower Crown - Step 1



Next, measure the circumference of your little one’s head.

Paper Flower Crown - Step 2



Draw a grass outline, starting with a line the length of the circumference of your little one’s head, and then draw spiky grass shapes going upwards from the line. Cut this out for your little one.

Paper Flower Crown - Step 3



Draw and cut out a variety of flower and leaf shapes. You can use this opportunity to look at lots of different flowers and plants outside and try to recreate them for your crown!

Paper Flower Crown - Step 4



Using the glue stick, add glitter to your flowers!

Paper Flower Crown - Step 5



Organise your flowers and leaves in an order you like. Once you and your little one are happy with the arrangement stick them down using the glue stick.

Paper Flower Crown - Step 6



You can curl the ends of the grass and leaves using your thumb nail and index finger by pinching them together with the card between and dragging your nail upwards to give the crown more texture!

Paper Flower Crown - Step 7



Using the glue stick, stick the ends of the crown together to form the crown shape.

Paper Flower Crown - Step 8