Preparing For A New Baby: How To Save Some Money And Make The Most Of Preloved Items

Babies can be very expensive. There are items that they need, but there will also be things that you want. They also grow very, very quickly, which means that they can outgrow clothing before they’ve even had a chance to wear it. Preloved baby items have two major benefits. Firstly, this is where you can save substantial amounts of money. Secondly, they’re better for the environment.


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Best Items To Get Second-hand


Baby clothes are some of the best items to get second-hand. Some of them won’t have been used very much, if at all. Toys and books are also great second-hand purchases that are frequently given away.

There are some baby items that will need a little more scrutiny than others. For example, a second-hand highchair should be checked for wear and tear, and to make sure it meets any updated safety standards. You should also check to make sure that any preloved item you’re considering hasn’t been recalled.

You should buy things like car seats, a cot mattress and bottle teats new. Otherwise, look for second-hand items, but for things like prams make sure that the mechanics still work properly and safely.


Where To Find Preloved Baby Items


There are so many places for you to find preloved baby items. First, you may want to check Facebook Marketplace. It will have listings of items for sale in your local area. There are also Facebook groups where people can sell, give away, or lend items. Some are specific for baby items, while others may be more general.

Car boot sales are another good place to check for preloved necessities. Your local library may have posters advertising car boot sales in your area. You may also be able to find a preloved event or market. Local libraries or local newspapers might have information.

There are other online communities that sell or giveaway preloved items. Google to see if there are any online groups within your area. You can also check charity shops. Some may be more geared towards items and clothes for babies and children, so check there first.

It can also be helpful to ask your family and friends. If they’ve already had children, they may have things you need in storage. They might also have things you can borrow on a trial run before you decide if it’s something that you need or not. You could also ask family and friends to keep an eye out for good deals on preloved items you’re looking for.


Inspect Preloved Items Before Purchasing


Wherever you find your preloved stuff, the first thing you need to do is inspect it. Make sure it looks safe and clean. Check it for wear and tear. Refuse anything that looks old or too dirty to clean. When you bring items home, wash them thoroughly. Fabrics can be washed in the machine. Plastic toys should be boiled or sterilised in a sterilising solution. If things are in good shape when your little one outgrows them, pass them along to someone else.