Tips And Ideas For Supporting A Loved One During Their Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing, but emotional journey for the woman experiencing it, but there are ways for those around her to offer support and help as well. These ideas can help you show support and love to the pregnant woman in your life.


supporting pregnancy


Ask Them What They Need


Many pregnant women may already know what they do and don’t want help with during pregnancy. For some, it can be beneficial to have time alone and space to digest the changes happening in their life. Others may want lots of support and to be surrounded by the important people in their lives.

Either way, it can be great to have an open discussion about what the boundaries are for their pregnancy and beyond.




It’s completely normal and exciting to want to celebrate a pregnancy, but it’s important to do it the way the pregnant woman wants to. If she’s not feeling up to a big party, or a huge announcement, then talk about smaller ways to celebrate. Maybe a takeaway at home with a close friend is a better celebration but be prepared for the unexpected. Some foods, or smells that she once loved might not appeal to her during the pregnancy.


Spend Time Together


Spending time together and talking about things other than the pregnancy can offer support to her as a person, and not just as someone who is pregnant. During the pregnancy and after, there can be some changes in her relationship with those around her, so spending time together is a great way to strengthen the foundations of those relationships.


Take On Extra Chores


Pregnancy can be tiring, and the last thing your friend, family member or partner wants to do at the end of day could be household chores. It can help to have someone take on some of the household tasks and give her time to rest and build her energy back up.


Get Involved In The Pregnancy


It can help to get as involved in the pregnancy as they want you to be. She may want someone to come with her to appointments or help ask any questions she might have. If you can’t be at the appointment, make sure to ask about it.




Many mums-to-be experience doubts, anxiety and fear during their pregnancy. Make sure you can be there to listen to their fears and reassure. It’s important to listen without judgement, and if you’re feeling the same self-doubts, talk to her about it so she knows she’s not alone.


Be Patient


Be patient and keep a sense of humour. The pregnant woman in your life may have some surprising requests, and some of them might seem outlandish to you. You may be able to compromise on some of them, but cravings, even ones in the middle of the night are usually a normal part of pregnancy.


Exercise With Her


It can be difficult to fit in exercise when you’re pregnant, so go for walks with her when you can. It can be a good idea to pair a walk with a warm drink and a chat.


Help With Purchasing Decisions


Your friend or partner may feel a little overwhelmed with all the baby item purchasing decisions to be made. Help her research her choices and go shopping with her. Some items may need to be built, which is another task you can take off her to-do list.


Talk About The Future


It can help some women to talk about what the future with their new baby will look like. Talk about when she’ll go back to work, what childcare will look like, and how you’ll navigate their little one’s first years. Remember that these discussions won’t be final decisions but use them as a starting point.

Research childcare options in your area. Check her employment contract to see what maternity leave is available to her, and if there are any options to extend it. It’s important to remember that her feelings on these issues may change when the baby is born, and that’s okay. This is just to let her know what the options are and that she’s supported.


Compliment Her


While many pregnant women are thought to have a glow during pregnancy, they may not always feel that way. Compliment her and let her know that you think she’s beautiful. Whatever compliment comes to mind, tell her.


Give Hands On Help


Hands on help is another way to offer support. This could mean rubbing her back when it hurts, or a foot massage. It could mean buying her a body pillow, so she gets sleep. It may mean cooking her some bland food if she’s feeling a little nauseous.