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Best Gingerbread Men Recipe Ever!

If there’s one recipe you must ensure mastery over this festive season, it’s the gingerbread recipe–imperative for sweet-laden gingerbread houses and hordes of gingerbread folk (or zombies, depending on the inclinations of the household). This supremely easy recipe won’t just guarantee you a no-fail batch of golden, spiced glory, but will also keep little hands busy–and bellies quiet at the promise of such deliciousness…win-win!

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Buying Organic? These are the Foods that Should Top Your List

Going organic can hardly be called a craze; the movement has not only stuck around long enough to transcend being a trend–science has also paid credence to the fact that non-organic mass-produced food comes with a hefty toxic price tag. And yet, the sheer expense of changing over to a healthier diet aligns itself with the ridiculous fads of the rich.

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