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How to Get Your Child to Eat More Fish

Fish is an incredible source of Omega-3 fatty acids—which are integral for healthy brain development as well as visual acuity. But despite the major benefits, converting kids to the enjoyment of actually eating fish can be tricky; the texture and smell can be…intimidating. Here’s how to encourage your young ones to overcome their fishy fears and try the tuna…Or at least eat the mac ‘n’ cheese you’ve hidden the tuna inside of.

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Best Gingerbread Men Recipe Ever!

If there’s one recipe you must ensure mastery over this festive season, it’s the gingerbread recipe–imperative for sweet-laden gingerbread houses and hordes of gingerbread folk (or zombies, depending on the inclinations of the household). This supremely easy recipe won’t just guarantee you a no-fail batch of golden, spiced glory, but will also keep little hands busy–and bellies quiet at the promise of such deliciousness…win-win!

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Buying Organic? These are the Foods that Should Top Your List

Going organic can hardly be called a craze; the movement has not only stuck around long enough to transcend being a trend–science has also paid credence to the fact that non-organic mass-produced food comes with a hefty toxic price tag. And yet, the sheer expense of changing over to a healthier diet aligns itself with the ridiculous fads of the rich.

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