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Meal planning tips for families

If you’re looking for inspiration for healthy family meals on a budget, here are some great meal planning ideas that will make your shopping bill cheaper, reduce waste and free up some meal-prep time too.     Batch cook Not a new idea, but one that people don’t often get round to doing. Set aside […]


Coping with a fussy eater

Fussy eating is one of the most common things parents have to face. One day your child loves a certain food and the next day they hate it! So, how do you deal with a fussy eater?     Involve your child in buying food Little people are more likely to be open to trying […]


Fun, healthy snacks for children

All kids love snacks, and this is the perfect opportunity for parents to make healthy food fun!     Hungry Caterpillar   This is a favourite book for many children and now you can turn it into a fun feast too! This simple snack features apples, kiwi fruit and clementines. Get the recipe here!   […]



Energising smoothie recipes for busy parents

Get a quick and easy dose of vitamins and energise yourself with these delicious smoothie recipes – quick to make and ideal for busy parents.     Morning sunshine smoothie A great way to start the day with this sweet and tangy citrus recipe, packed with vitamin C. 2-3 freshly peeled and juiced tangerines 1 […]


Tips for helping your child learn to share

Sharing can often be a difficult concept for children to grasp. Particularly if they are the only child at home, where everything is theirs. Helping your child learn to share can be a bit of a challenge.     But don’t get disheartened. Like everything, it will come with time. Why not try some of […]