World Teachers’ Day: How To Celebrate A Special Teacher In Your Child’s Life

Thursday 5th of October is World Teachers’ Day. Teachers have such a profound effect on our lives, and if you think back, you probably remember at least one teacher that stands out for you in a positive way. Your children have that experience with their teachers as well.

World Teachers’ Day is your opportunity to let teachers know how appreciated they are.


world teachers day


Say Thank You


You could help your little ones find a creative way to say thank you to their teachers. This could be making a card, a gift, a drawing or painting, or writing a poem.

You can encourage your children to play to their strengths, so if they have a way with words, encourage them to write a poem or an essay. If they’re talented artistically, encourage them to draw or paint.


Express Respect


You could buy some white t-shirts and have your little ones write on them.

They could write things about their favourite teacher, or things they have found impactful from their teachers. Your children may also want to give their teacher a gift, such as special stationary, or a sweet treat to enjoy during break time.


Ask The Teachers If They Need Help


Teachers do a lot for their students. They’re always planning lessons or activities.

Even just asking if they need help, or maybe even craft materials collected from around the house, can show your child’s teachers that you are aware of how much they do, and that you appreciate them.


Teacher Awards


Another fun way to show teachers that you appreciate them is by creating teacher awards.

You could help your little ones make trophies to give to their teachers, or maybe just even make a small pamper box, and label it as an award.

Ask your child what they like about their teachers and use the answers for the award. Perhaps your little one likes one teacher because they make mathematics fun, so the award could be Best Teacher For Making Mathematics Fun. Perhaps a teacher makes gym or PE enjoyable, so the award could be Best PE Teacher.


Reach Out To Your Own Teachers


You might want to think about reaching out to your own teachers. If possible, send them an email just letting them know they had an impact on your life, and that you found their influence meaningful.

You might find it positive if you write a note anyway, even if you don’t send it.