Affordable Days Out With Your Children: Making The Most Of Springtime Whilst Sticking To Your Budget

Spring weather often means that you and your little ones want to get out and about, but all these days out can add up financially. There are some things that you can do to get the most out of Spring, while sticking to your budget.


affordable days out


1. Farmer’s Markets


Farmer’s markets are a great way to get outside, find locally grown produce, and teach your children about where their food comes from. Many markets have free samples, so you don’t need to spend money to experience the fun of them.


2. Collect Rocks


Going for a walk is free, but sometimes little children can be reluctant to get going. You can encourage them by getting them to look out for interesting rocks to collect. Bring the best rocks home, and you can set up a rock painting station outside. They can paint designs, or words of encouragement, let their imaginations run wild.


3. Fishing


Some children love going fishing.  Some fishing tackle shops offer equipment hire, so it can be a low-cost activity. However, some children may not love the idea of fishing, so you could have a catch and release policy, or simply find a river, lake or pond to splash in. Go for a walk and let your little ones find different plants, flowers or wildlife and see how many they recognise.


4. Camping


Camping doesn’t need to be expensive or involve lots of equipment. You can find a local camping spot, and borrow, or hire equipment. Another idea is to set up your own camping spot in the back garden. It doesn’t really matter where you go camping, for your children, it’s all about the experience.


5. Go For A Picnic


Picnics are always a big hit for children, so take advantage of the Spring weather and get them outside. You can make the picnic food as simple or as complicated as you want but take some family favourite activities. Try flying a kite or taking some oversized garden games with you.


6. Visit A Museum


Museums are both educational and fun. Many museums have free entry or are inexpensive. Google can tell you which museums are near you, and which are free, or have discounted entry. Some will even have themed days designed to appeal to children.


7. Hiking


Hiking can be a little more challenging than just going for a walk. However, it’s relaxing, and there are so many benefits to getting yourself and your little ones out into nature. Your local park might have some hiking trails for you to explore.


8. Visit Your Local Library


Local libraries are a wonderful way to pass some time. In addition to having books to lend, they often run story time, classes and other events. Most events and classes are free, although some, if organised by outside companies, may charge a small entrance fee.


9. Outdoor Chalk Contest


Little ones love outdoor chalk, so get it out and let their creativity fly. You could have some small prizes at the end.


10. Free Events


Some towns and cities host a variety of free events during the Spring. Check out your local papers, or community Facebook page to see what’s on in your area.


11. In-Store Events


Some stores such as pet stores, and DIY stores host free events for information and education. Store websites and in-store bulletin boards will have information on upcoming events. Some events are created for children, so keep an eye out for those that your little ones will be interested in.