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relaxing ways to keep little ones entertained this summer

Relaxing Ways to Keep Little Ones Entertained This Summer

Stress and tension come hand-in-hand with parenting – for both grown-ups and children! It’s unrealistic to expect to go through parenthood without stress, but there are ways you can make life a little more peaceful, especially through the summer months when heat can exasperate tensions even further. Downtime Introducing ‘downtime’ can benefit the whole family. […]


How to deal with toddler temper tantrum

How to Deal With Toddler Tantrums

Your child’s first full-blown tantrum can take your breath away. Sure, you may find the episode amusing—at first. But the novelty quickly wears off when the banshee screeches and floor writhing becomes a daily occurrence. Here’s how to diffuse your little TNT package before things escalate. […]