Autumn Leaf Crafts For Little Ones

Autumn leaf crafts for little ones are a fantastic way of helping your children learn about the world around them in a fun way. These crafts are really easy for little hands to make.


autumn leaf


Preserving Leaves


One of the easiest Autumn leaf crafts you can help your little ones do is to simply preserve the leaves. You can go for a walk and see how many different leaves you can find. When you get back, you can help your children identify the different types and preserve them.


The easiest way to do this is to simply press them between the pages of a book for a week or two. Once the leaves are pressed, you can preserve them further by painting them with PVA glue and leaving them to dry. Your little ones can even draw on the leaves before painting on the PVA.


Autumn Leaf Garland


Preserved leaves can be made into a beautiful garland decoration for your home. Let your little one choose a ribbon, and you can glue the preserved leaves onto it. You can use this Autumn leaf craft to teach your little ones about patterns, colours and the seasons.


Glitter Leaves


Glitter leaves are easy to make and very beautiful.

You’ll need:


A squeezy bottle of glue

Dried and pressed leaves


Smooth rocks (optional)


You may want to draw a pattern, or design on the leaves with a marker first and use it to trace out the glue. Once the glue is on the leaf in whatever design you and your little one have made, you can sprinkle on the glitter. When the glitter and glue have dried, you might want to glue your glitter leaf onto a large smooth rock, and then they can be used decoratively throughout your home.


Autumn Leaf Suncatcher


This Autumn leaf suncatcher craft will let your little one display their leaves in a way to catch the sun, and their imaginations.

You’ll need:


Paper plates


Book covering film

Leaves and flowers


This autumn leaf craft can be made with pressed and dried leaves, or with newly collected leaves. Cut a hole out of the paper plate, leaving the outside as a frame. Cut two circles out of the book covering film, take the backing off one of them and stick it to one side of your paper plate frame. Arrange your leaves and flowers in whatever pattern you want. Take the backing off the other circle of covering film and place it on the other side of the paper plate frame. You can use the string to hang your suncatcher up in the window.