Halloween Decorations For Spooky Fun At Home

Halloween decorations are all part of the fun of Halloween. Your little ones are probably excited about dressing up, trick or treating, and all the other Halloween activities. It can be great to get them involved in making some decorations for your home as well.


halloween decorations


Halloween Treat-Cups


These Halloween decoration treat-cups are adorable, and so simple for little ones to make.

You’ll need:


Styrofoam cups

Acrylic paint



Pipe cleaners



You and your little ones can make these cute treat-cups in many different designs. You can paint any spooky design you want. Monsters, witches, pumpkins, bats, and werewolves, whatever your imaginations can come up with. You can line the inside of the treat-cups with coordinating tissue paper and fill them up with treats.


Ghost Paper Plate Halloween Decoration


This ghost paper plate craft is really cute, and your children can put their own stamps of creativity on it for their Halloween decorations.

You’ll need:


Paper plates

White card

Black card


White tissue paper



The first thing you need to do is to cut out a pair of arms from the white card. You’ll also cut out a mouth and a pair of eyeballs that your little ones can decorate with the markers. Glue the eyes and eyeballs on to the front of the plate and glue the arms onto the back of the plate. Cut the tissue paper into lengths about an inch wide, and glue them to the bottom of the plate as streamers.


Halloween Lanterns


These adorable Halloween lanterns are fun to make and look fantastic lit up in your home.

You’ll need:


Mason jars

Acrylic paint

Battery powered fairy lights

Black felt

Hot glue gun

Googly eyes


Firstly, you should paint the mason jars with your chosen colours. Green can make Frankenstein, white makes a ghost, and orange to make a pumpkin. One coat of paint is enough, and it doesn’t matter if there are gaps. A light coat is all that’s needed. You can hot glue the black felt to the screw top lid of the mason jar. Put the battery powered fairy lights into the jars and screw the lids on. Stick on the googly eyes and use markers to add features.